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Delco Bail Bonds offers flexible payment plans for bail, making the process affordable. Get the financial assistance you need.
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How Do Bail Bondsman Usually Get Paid?

When you can't afford cash bail, a bail bondsman can help keep you out of jail. However, the bondsman needs to make a living. Because of this, bondsmen charge a premium, which is typically 10% of the bail amount.

Even though this amount can be too much for many defendants, don't worry; Delco Bail Bonds has a solution that can help keep you out of jail. Specifically, we offer a payment plan so you don't have to come up with the amount right away, and which also allows you to pay bonds online.

Who is Eligible for a Payment Plan?

Anyone who needs one. There is no collateral. There will still be a down payment, which varies according to the amount of bail and may also be impacted by your credit score, employment record, prior arrest record, etc. If you have a poor credit score, you may be able to use a co-signer with good credit. Co-signers are liable for payments if you don't pay, so they should be a trusted friend or family member.

You can still get a payment plan if you have skipped bail before, but we may require you to have a co-signer to help keep you honest.

Is There Interest on Payment Plans?

No. We do not charge interest on payment plans. Our goal is to keep you out of jail, not make your financial situation worse by penalizing you for not having the full amount. Some bail bondsmen do choose to charge interest, but Delco Bail Bonds does not.

In any case, we keep the payment plan term fairly short, so interest would not be a large additional sum for us...but it would create more hardship for you.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

You can pay the bond through our online portal. Otherwise, you can pay your premium through a variety of payment methods. How to pay a bond can include credit cards or money orders. We take credit cards through our online portal, allowing you to conveniently pay them off without leaving home. Money orders are typically mailed to our office, but we can discuss alternatives, such as dropping payment off at our office when on your way past.

Do You Do Custom Payment Plans?

Our payment plans are fixed. Payments remain the same throughout the term and we offer different payment schedules to suit your needs. However, we do not negotiate fully custom solutions.

Again, everything is fixed, although you can talk to us about paying it off early if your financial situation improves. We try to keep our payment plans simple and easy for you and your family to understand.

How Long Does the Payment Plan Last?

We offer plans that range from six months to a year. A longer-term is typical for higher amounts. For example, you may pay off a $3,000 premium over six months at a rate of $300 a month or a balance of $10,000 over a year at a rate of about $800 a month.

You can choose the plan that is right for you at the time bail is set, balancing the length of the plan with the amount of the monthly payment.

Do You Need Collateral?

We don't require collateral for payment plans, although collateral may be needed for the bond amount itself. We will discuss the need for collateral when we agree to take your case.

Trust Delco Bail Bonds for Convenient and Affordable Payment Options

At Delco Bail Bonds, we aim to make paying your premium as convenient and affordable as possible. Because of this, we offer online bond payments and payment plans that spread the burden out, helping those who are unable to pay it all at once. Contact us anytime, day or night, for help with your bail.

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